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Websites to watch Asian drama and movies in English for free

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We list websites like Dramacool, Dramacool9, WatchAsian, NewsasianTV, and Dramanice, where you can watch Asian drama and movies for free.

One of the most famous arms of the video entertainment industry in recent years has been Asian drama. This genre of entertainment, has enjoyed seemingly unprecedented growth and acceptance. It has become arguably the most-loved content on TV in today’s world. Asian movies and shows have become a lot more mainstream in the past one and half years, and this can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic that restricted the whole world to their homes. The lockdown was a period of extreme boredom for a larger percentage of people, and one of the few activities that kept people engaged was films and television series.

It is, therefore, not so strange that an already growing genre of TV entertainment saw a notable spike in its audience’s numbers with shows like “Melting Me Softly”, “Habeek”, and “Tempted” Kdrama becoming mainstream. Of course, there now exists several VOD platforms that provide premium content at one’s fingertips, but none of them has enough Asian content to keep the teeming audience sated. People need an endless stream and back-to-back supply of Asian drama.

This demand is interesting when you consider that the languages spoken in these contents are nothing short of alien to the larger percentage of the audience. That, however, obviously hasn’t discouraged the increasing love and borderline obsession with it. One can even argue that the difficulty of the languages add to the intrigue these contents offer.

It has become a thing in today’s urban conversations how the female audience of these contents adore, and worship the famous male protagonists. Who can blame them? These men are tall, have beautiful hair, and wear the clearest of skins. Why won’t they be every lady’s Opa?

As the world catches on and gets increasingly interested in Asian TV contents, continuous availability and accessibility are necessitated. Another challenge is understanding, or better put, bridging the language barrier. Since these films and drama series are not particularly made for the whole world, having access to a limitless number of them is something of a special endeavour altogether. Add that to actually being able to comprehend what you are watching.

In this article, we will take a closer look at four guaranteed outlets that provide endless access to these “Kdrama” contents and series for free, and provide efficient English subtitles.

What happened to Dramacool?

This platform is arguably the most popular Asian drama website. The site offers a large amount of K drama films and series, and it is known for the good video quality of the contents. The sound quality is up there, and the subtitles are considerably accurate and decently synced. These features make for a good and enjoyable watch with ignorable lapses.


After the original Dramacool website encountered some legal issues with regulators and was taken down briefly, Dramacool9 emerged in its stead. It appears that it is the same developers that created the original version that also made its replacement. The only difference between them is that while the first website used the http www.dramacool.com, the new one used www.dramacool9.com as its address.

The interface remained the same and the “9” only appeared in the site address but not in the page name which still remained valid as “Dramacool”.

Dramacool is regarded as one of the best Kdrama websites that offer premium and up-to-date contents for free. It is also noteworthy that the user interface is quite simple and interactive. In order words, using the website and navigating your way is not difficult, unlike many other such platforms.

A question you may ask is, is Dramacool safe to use? It is true that contents on such platforms as these are usually pirated. This is because the owners did not license them to publish the contents. Thus, it is safe to assume that the platform owners have a case to answer with the producers of the content they publish. However, this isn’t a problem users of the site should be too concerned about.

How to watch Asian drama kdrama movies and tv shows free on Dramacool with English subtitles
Dramacool website homepage

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As with every site that provides unauthorised content, there is the issue of ad placements which might pose a malware threat to users. Dramacool is not exempt from this category. In other words, while the website itself may be safe, the advertisements placed there may be harmful to users’ devices, or even be malware. The following is a list of safe ways to use Dramacool.

Ignore Ads

Avoid Clicking on Ads. It goes without saying that many of the adverts on these sites are dangerous. Some Ads will claim that you have won a lottery or are the winner of a grand prize. Clicking on them usually gets you redirected to a different site, where you’ll probably be asked to enter your password for your bank ID. It is better to steer clear of such adverts.

Stay protected

Always use an Antivirus. As earlier mentioned, many of the Ads on websites like this may be a threat to your device. It is therefore advisable to stay protected, especially if you visit unauthorised sites often. Find and choose a paid antivirus plan that won’t strain your pocket.

Lastly, it is safest to avoid websites like that altogether because of the little risks they pose. They are unauthorised after all, and piracy has legal troubles, however, we look at it.


WatchAsian is another free online Asian movie, drama, TV shows and web-series streaming website. The website provides a free release of Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Chinese movies and dramas with English subtitles. It is available in almost every part of the world, and is one of the legal platforms to access Asian content.

The platform is believed to be the safest website to watch free Asian content from anywhere in the world over any kind of internet connection without the need for masking your IP. The website also boasts of an inexhaustible list of content for all ages and times.

Watchasian avails fans of Kdrama access to all the popular and best Asian dramas from old to new. They also provide a catalogue and schedule of upcoming movies and TV show release dates on the website calendar. With a large number of genres and subgenres, you can find your favourite drama easily on WatchAsian, and if you don’t already have a favourite, there’s no problem. You can always search and find something that will interest you there.

How to watch Asian drama kdrama movies on Watchasian for free with English subtitles
Watchasian interface

In addition to all of these, the interface also provides you with the option of tailoring your search to find your favourite actors and actresses in the popular star category. The most attractive feature of Watchasian is its on-page download option. The platform’s flexibility is commendable, and we will briefly take a look at the advantages the site has over the others.

User interface

The Watchasian user interface is very flexible and provides a long list of options that makes navigation and user experience really enjoyable. Also, the site allows you to adjust the video quality of the content as you watch. This feature helps to save data while still enjoying your watch.

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Website header

The header of the website has three parallel frames. The first frame contains film and drama categorisation in alphabetical order. On the second frame, there is the logo of a website that writes ‘Dramacool’ and its slogan “cool site for dramas,” with a unique design. The search bar of the site is also available in this second frame. The third frame is sub-divided to form the menu bars.


On the upper part of the website, there is a non-stop short play of newly released drama posters on the homepage. Beneath this section, you will find the thumbnails of other popular dramas, movies, and Korean shows you may like. You can find a list of popular TV series on the page bottom. The page has a dynamic touch to it too, and it changes with the click on every other menu.

Quality of content

The visuals and audios of Asian dramas are undeniably a delight for the eyes and auditory functions. The scenery and beauty of the actors and actresses are always sights to behold. To enjoy all those aspects of the Asian dramas, Watchasian avails you of videos in HD quality.

Asides from the films and drama series, the website also gives you access to the many exciting news of the Asian entertainment industry and you can watch trailers of new and upcoming shows. You can also give your reviews about the videos. You also have the option to bookmark the contents and subscribe to stay informed about new releases.

Cataloging and arrangement

The clear categorisation of the website creates a very aesthetically pleasing view. What’s more, the smooth navigation made possible by the detailed arrangement of content is praiseworthy. The alphabetical categorisation of the shows makes it easy to find any particular content you are looking for.

The website avails Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Thailand, Indian, and American entertainment programs. On the drama list category, there are three sub-categories of upcoming, ongoing, completed dramas. In the request section, you can find two sub-categorization: requested list and request drama.

Unlike other websites as earlier stated, the Watchasian website is very safe and full of options. It does not show any annoying ads, slow streaming, or download problems. You won’t have to go about downloading through any rigorous or unsafe process. Watchasian website is less likely to compromise the security of your data and information. However, you should always use a VPN to secure your IP address so that no cybercriminals or government officials can track your location or other browsing data.


how to watch Asian drama kdrama movies free on dramanice

Here is another well known and efficient website that provides Kdrama films and series with good quality and English subtitle for free. The site receives millions of visitors per day. It is available on every continent and in nearly all locations worldwide. Ondramanice reportedly makes an estimated $100,000 from advert placement per day. As of 2018, the site was worth a little over a million dollars.

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NewsasianTV is yet another watch-online video website where one can watch and download different kinds of Asian video contents like drama series and films. The site offers a range of contents like Thai films, Chinese films, Philippines films, Taiwanese films, and drama series. It is also as safe as can be. Although there is no download option on the website, there is a way around it.

Below are some ways to download from NewsasianTV:

Video downloader chrome extension

First, you have to install the Video Downloader professional chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser. Then, log in to the newsasiantv.biz website. Proceed to click on the video of your choice and play it. Next, click on the video downloader icon that appears on the chrome extension bar. According to your preference, click on any of the video sizes options, and the download will start.

Online video downloader

This technique is the oldest online downloading trick. All you need to do is log in to the newsasiantv website and choose the video of your choice. Copy out the video URL and open a separate window for any of the well known online video downloaders like savefrom.net, savevideo.me, dovideo, and so on. Paste the copied URL on the downloader website and click the download button.

Among the currently most popular films on the website are: “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” 2020, “Begin Again” 2020, “Start-Up” 2020, “Penthouse: War In Life”, “The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion”, “Love Is Sweet”, and “Man in a Veil,” to mention a few.


The increased demand for Asian TV content has caused an increase in the supply of websites that feed the need. While hundreds of platforms show these contents, only a handful are efficient and recommendable. As has been highlighted in this article, you need a degree of caution while using these websites. In all, Asian content has broken into the mainstream and is here to stay. Who knows, maybe soon non-native speakers will have picked up a phrase or two from one Asian language or another.

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