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‘May evil befall the one that did evil to each other in the marriage’ – Oluwo of Iwo land addresses those judging him on marital issues

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The tug of war between the Oluwo of Iwo land and his estranged wife, Chanel Chin is only deepening as time passes.

The Oluwo took to Instagram earlier this month to announce his separation from his wife.

Chanel had previously implied in a series of Instagram posts that she went through a hard time while married to the Oluwo. Now, however, the monarch is denying her allegations.

He went further to state that he was the one who had a tough time, getting out only through God because he is a special breed.

See his full post below:

“To whom it may concern

“All those who are judging Oluwo of Iwoland Oba Adewale Akanbi regarding his marital issues now, I have this to say to you…. if I ever did evil or show anything other than love in this my immediate past union, let God Almighty judge me and put the curse on my head and remove the crown from me but if I’m righteous enough in this marriage, may God let me reign for long and always overcome all adversaries and calamities that may come my way.

“May evil befall the one that did evil to each other in the marriage Amen.

“To all who choose to judge without knowing the truth, I forgive you and may God forgive you too but from this moment on, if you judge me without knowing the truth, may the evil that was perpetrated against me be done to you and may your children experience what I went through in this past relationship of mine. AMEN!!! I came out alive and victorious by the grace and power of God Almighty because I’m a special breed by God Almighty.

“I came in peace and love to all humanity thank you and God bless you all abundantly pelu Ashe Oba Kan soso tounje kabio kosi”


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