Five things football fans do that irritates non-fans

We’re going to approach this subject from a neutral standpoint, simply stating what we are told by non-fans.


Admittedly, we are not bonafide psychologists but let’s face it when your business is gathering bits of information for the edification of the public, you’re bound to wittingly or unwittingly become a studier of human behaviour.

Every Nigerian knows that a larger percentage of Nigerians are mad about football, the one the Americans call soccer. It is ostensibly a game played by 22 grown men divided into two teams. They kick about a round leather material, called a ball, around a gigantic grass field with the sole aim of seeing which team can put the ball past a small box called a goal post belonging to the opponent. The team which is able to do this the most in a given game wins the game. Of course, there are rules governing the game and an umpire to ensure a fair officiating.

Football is big practically in most countries and big money as well. And fans have been known to be humorous, amazing, boisterous, rancorous amongst other characteristics. The game is the one thing everyone agrees that unites the country. Wish that the country will agree on weighty issues as they do with regard to the Super Eagles. Who could ever forget the joys of Tunis 1994 or the Dream Team 1996? And more recently, South Africa 2013 and Rio 2016? Competitions in which Nigerians did remarkably well.


Former Super Eagles’ coach, late Stephen Keshi pictured with the trophy from the 2013 Nations Cup. The Eagles beat Burkina Faso 1 nil to clinch the title


However, not everyone gets football whether at the national or club level. And for those who don’t give a whit about the game, most of them don’t really understand what the fuss is all about. In fact, most are unarguably bemused by it all. And for us, being that we are approaching the subject matter from a disinterested point of view, we are reporting what we have been told by non-fans of the things they find most irritating with regards to the behaviour of football fans.


Here goes:

#1. How could they get through 90 minutes of watching grown men kick about a piece of leather?

You know, sitting there  (sometimes standing) watching grown men, with more beard than some people wish they have on their heads, kick balls about and sometimes among themselves. Like how is this supposed to be interesting? Is this how you people spend your weekends? Like how?


#2. The Screams.

You think children are loud? Think again! These men just jump excitedly and scream like they saw Beyonce’s bag up for sale. They hug the stranger who moved into the neighbourhood last week and with whom they are yet to exchange ‘good morning’. Pathetic. What’s the fuss about?


#3. Jersey Obsessions

Many of them don’t have any other clothes apart from jerseys! Jersey to church, functions, night out. C’mon do they have an economic interest in their production?


#4. Bragging about footballer’s wages and the finances of the clubs they support deriding their opponents’

Like they ever gonna earn a tiny fraction of that money all their life?


#5. Destructive behaviour when their supported teams lose?

Isn’t it supposed to be only a game? Someone has to lose for someone to win, so why go destroy people’s property and public peace? What has Man United, Arsenal or Barca got to do with the price of fuel in Nigeria? Give it a break people and use your common sense.


What do you think of these observations? Do you agree? Share your thought in the comment section.

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