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Watch Mr Macaroni teaches about gratefulness in this skit

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Instagram comic act Mr Macaroni has taught his fans the act of gratefulness in a newly released skit. 

Gratitude is one attitude that many persons lack, especially young folks, and this is because most persons feel entitled to things.

The point is, no matter how entitled you feel, when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for you, you should be grateful.

In this skit, Mr Macaroni’s help was ungrateful, let’s see how that ended for him.

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. . W/ @iamnasboi . . Visuals by @iamedemvictor ? – @africasoundcollector

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  1. Tessie says

    Lol. While being funny, Macaroni teaches valuable lessons as well.

  2. A Nigerian says

    Hahaha. Akpan, you f----d up.

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