Watch BBNaija star, Khafi Kareem’s moving eulogy to her brother, Alexander Kareem, as he is buried in London [video]

On Wednesday, 29 July, tens of people gathered in London to lay BBNaija star, Khafi Kareem’s brother, Alexander Kareem, to eternal rest. 

Alexander, 20, was shot dead in the streets of London as he left a convenience store at 12:30 am on 8 June in a case of mistaken identity according to the Police.

At the funeral, his family begged the public not to see his death as “just another black boy who’s been shot” and Khafi herself said she and her siblings would have “taken a bullet for him”.

Speaking after his funeral, Khafi said: “To anybody who’s seen this (in the news) and is thinking this is just another black boy who’s been shot by violence, I want to tell you that is not the case.

“Alex’s life mattered, he had a future ahead of him, he’s not just another black boy. He had a family, he had friends, this is real.”

Khafi added: “There are real lives that have been impacted, real people who are broken. There are so many people who have turned up today and we are here for justice.

“I am begging whoever knows anything please find it in your heart to come forward. I feel bad that we’ve had to bury Alex and his killers are still not found, can he really rest in peace when his killers are roaming around?”

Family and friends described him as a computer whiz and Alexander was preparing to go to the university where he wanted to study Computer Science.

Watch Khafi’s eulogy below:

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