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Teni Entertainer divides Twitter with tweet on feminism

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Singer, Teni Entertainer stirred the honey pot with her latest tweets and brought the bees out.

It has been a long, seemingly unending feminism debate on Twitter, with many championing women’s rights amidst opposition from others who think its a waste of time.

Today, however, Teni Entertainer decided to dip her toes into the boiling hot water that is the feminism discussion and in doing so, she sparked a conversation…sort of.

It all started when she replied a tweet that asked: “If a man proposes to his girlfriend and she said NO, Is the relationship OVER ?” by saying the woman is not ready.

She then followed that up with a tweet saying women can also propose to their boyfriends and it doesn’t have to be only the men doing the asking. She wrote: “Btw it’s not wrong for a woman to propose to her man!”

She ended by saying: “Y’all are feminists till it’s time to bend on one knee to ask a man to marry you! Aren’t we equal?”

Her last tweet was the actual thing that stirred conversation, attracting different opinions on Twitter.

Many feminists on Twitter bashed her, criticized her views through her music, her weight, and many other things.

On the other hand, some also defended her, saying that they understood her point of view and criticising those who bashed her.

As Twitter is a place where people make jokes about a majority of things, many also took the opportunity to make jokes about recruiting Teni for Patriarchy FC.

See the tweets below:

Tweets bashing her:



Tweets for her:



Jokes about patriarchy:



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