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Liam Payne reportedly almost got into a fight with Cheryl’s ex-husband before break up announcement

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Two days before Liam Payne and former partner Cheryl Cole announced their break up, he had a clash with her ex husband, French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Liam reportedly challenged Jean-Bernard to a fight during an appearance at Marylebone nightspot Chiltern Firehouse on Friday.

According to The Sun, employees reportedly stepped in fearing the situation would escalate into a fight.

A source told The Sun: “Jean-Bernard asked his friend why this guy was eyeballing him and then he realised it was his ex’s fella. Liam was snarling and beckoning him over for a fight.”

“There was a lot of gesturing, goading each other and making threats across the room. Staff were worried Jean-Bernard would be provoked as he boxes every day. But he assured them he was not looking for a fight and would leave because he was getting on an early flight.”

The source added that Fernandez-Versini remained calm throughout the episode, later telling friends that he didn’t want to start a fight in the Firehouse and claiming Liam needed “a hug, not a punch.”

It’s believed that Liam reacted angrily to seeing the Frenchman, Cheryl’s second husband, because he believes he ‘wasn’t very nice to her’ during their fleeting 18-month marriage.

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