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Kiddwaya’s father, Terry Warry, reacts to Erica’s disqualification

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Kiddwaya’s father, Terry Waya has reacted to Erica’s disqualification from the BBNaija show as he made promises to her.

According to him, if his son wins the show, he will make sure that half of the prize money is given to Erica.

Terry made the promise while reacting to the disqualification of the housemate. The billionaire businessman said that Erica showed his son genuine love.

In an exclusive interview with veteran journalist Dele Momodu, the billionaire businessman revealed that he felt bad when he read of her disqualification.

According to him, the disqualified housemate is smart and is always protective of his son, whom he describes as carefree.

If my son should win, I’ll make sure that he gives her half of his win and the rest half to charity,” he says.

Revealing why he is making such a huge sacrifice for Erica, Terry stated that she was good to his son. “I saw in Erica a smart girl who was so protective of my son.

She showed my son genuine friendship and love and I think at a point she was ready to sacrifice her own existence in that Big Brother so that my son could feel very comfortable because, in certain situations, she picked quarrels with other housemates who she felt were not nice to my son or trying to be rude or insulting to him.

She rallied behind him and I appreciated that so much because as a father you will be appreciative of someone who is protective of your son because I know him, he is carefree and doesn’t keep any malice.

So, to him, everybody is a friend, he looks at everybody at face value but Erica being smarter was able to see behind the scenes that the housemates were not reciprocating the same love for him and she took it upon herself to defend him and in the process of defending him, she went into the problem she had.

Because of my son, a lot of the housemates started despising her. Really, it’s not my business about what is happening between her and my son as I cannot force anyone on my son but to me as a human being, she is a wonderful person,” he says.


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