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Kevin Hart gives insight into his life with Netflix docuseries, Don’t f**k this up| Watch trailer on Sidomex

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The documentary that Kevin Hart says will give fans “an unbelievably close look into my life in a way that I have never shown before” is almost here.

The 40-year-old comedian is spilling it all in this new documentary, taking viewers through his ups and downs.

We get a closer look into his scandals and controversies, including his cheating scandal in which he was sued for $60 million.

The comedian cheated on his wife, Eniko, while she was pregnant. The series also takes us through the days of Kevin’s life, before his fame, and includes interviews with friends and family of the comic.

He shared the trailer on his Instagram page along with insight on his feelings on the subject.

He wrote:

“I have lived my life as an open book…I have forever told my stories on stage and tried my best to give my fans as much of me as possible…I honestly believe in transparency….I believe in being ok with the ups & downs that come with life.

“The goal is to grow & to improve & become the best version of yourself possible. This Documentary will give you guys an unbelievably close look into my life in a way that I have never shown before.

“This is my story….the good the bad and the ugly!!!! Make sure you tune in Dec 27th on Netflix!!!!!!”

Watch the trailer below:

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