Juliet Ibrahim completed her half of ‘LOVE’ matching tattoo she got with Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim’s Love

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim in a recent interview with Delay on the Delay Show opens up about her divorce from Kwado Safo Jnr and recent breakup with ex-Nigerian boyfriend Iceberg Slim.

The actress is on a media tour to promote her memoir, A Toast to Life.

Responding to questions on what led to 2014 divorce from Kwado Safo Jnr, Juliet Ibrahim explains different expectations and getting married at a young age contributed to the failure of the marriage.

She says:

I was 24 years old when we decided to be together so we were very young people,” she tells Delay.

And I’m the kind of person who works with what I have. So, if he had put all these into consideration and broke down what he expected from me, I would know how to handle things. But we didn’t have this kind of conversation.

The only thing we talked about was when I had kissing scenes in some of my past movies. So, I started controlling my scenes because of my own judgements.”

She further revealed that they divorced on a good note while revealing that they met for the first time in a strip club.

On her more recent breakup with Nigerian artist Iceberg Slim, Juliet explains the relationship broke because Iceberg Slim was still seeing his ex-girlfriend. Yes, sounds complicated.

In her words:

We broke up because a lot of things were happening. We weren’t very okay. You know when I announced that we are together, a lady appeared and sent DMs and messages to my sister and I claiming that they were dating and she wanted to confirm that – to let us know basically.

When I asked him if he was single or not, he told me had broken up from a four-year relationship. So not knowing he was still talking to the girl and that was the girl that sent me all the pictures, chats and stuff that showed they were still talking whilst he was with me.”

Juliet explains that all the time that she and Iceberg Slim were in a relationship, he was still talking to the other lady. “She was supposed to be ex-girlfriend but they were still in a relationship,” Juliet says. “They were still talking to each other.”

Juliet explains that was why she broke off the relationship with Iceberg.

When prompted about the matching ‘LOVE’ tattoo she and Iceberg Slim got at the height of their relationship, the actress explains that she has completed her half of the tattoo as she showed her hand. She also denies missing the singer maintaining she has moved on. However, the actress says she and Iceberg Slim are friends and “talk” once in a while.

Juliet also shut down the rumour that she and IK Ogbonna dated, saying they were just good friends.

Juliet and Iceberg ended their relationship last year over reasons that the couple is now revealing. In August, Iceberg Slim publicly apologised to Juliet Ibrahim for lying and cheating on her. He said he took her love for granted and “brought ridicule and shame” to her.


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