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Here’s what happened between Davido and Ayo Jaguda

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Popular blogger, Ayo Jaguda courted the ire of musician, Davido; what followed is A LOT of drama.

The music blogger made an observation that seemed disturbing to him: Davido’s recently released Wonder Woman went up from 150k views to a staggering 1.5 million.

He shared two tweets on his timeline reacting to it.

One of them read: “1 million views already ? Lol yesterday it was 150k o hm.” And the other: “Ki Gbogbo yin ma Ra Views Lo , owo Yin kuku ni Lol” which translates to “You guys should continue buying views, it’s your money, anyway.”

He also quoted a fan’s tweet about the song, calling it ‘trash’.

Davido found his comments offensive and issued him a threat, warning him not to come to Africa.

He wrote: “If dem born u and ur papa well In fact add ur mama !! Come naija B-----d!! F*** it come Africa !! U go see ! @AyoJaguda.”

Ayo initially made light of the tweet, writing, “Ah Whole of Africa , I can’t enter Ghana be that … Mad thing,” but he later issued a reply, telling Davido that he has taken a screenshot of the tweet and informed his lawyers.

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