Dencia says Chimamanda is not a feminist, calls her a backward clock

Singer Dencia has taken to her page on Twitter to make her opinion about Feminism known.

Dencia particularly replied to the trending topic of famous Nigerian author Chimamanda’s question of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter bio which starts by describing her as a wife.

Referring to Hillary’s bio, Chimamanda had asked her if it was her choice to be identified first as a wife and why, if she did choose to.

Hillary Clinton and Chimamanda

The conversation which many followers of Chimamanda and Hillary consider unnecessary has aroused many social media users criticism of Chimamanda’s feminism stand because of the question.

Dencia, among many other celebrities and users says Chimamanda is not a feminist and she is a backward fellow clock. She mentioned this on her Twitter page where she writes a letter misspelling Chimamanda’s name:

“Dear chimanda, you aren’t a feminist if you are telling a female what to do. Weirdest thing is, Chimanda’s followers I know don’t know she’s married with a kid. I can bet $10k she cooks, cleans, feeds her husband & is the average african woman at home. Let women live how they want.”

She further writes when being corrected of the authors name by  her followers that:

“Whatever her name is, the feminist lady who thinks like a backword clock.

“You’ll be surprised what most women think being a feminist is. let people just live their lives as humans cuz all these extra tags are getting y’all confused.Just be a decent human & live ur life how u please cuz ur faves are doing it the way it works or doesn’t work 4 them.”

In Dencia’s opinion, feminism is neither about women & men nor marriage.

“Feminism isn’t about women & men, marriage bla bla bla so why question a woman about being a wife since feminism has nothing to do with it? Why are you upset at how another woman who is more accomplished than you represent herself? Y’all need 2 have ur facts straight,” she writes.

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