Blac Chyna’s estranged mom, Tokyo Toni blasts her on Instagram

Drama, drama, drama! Blac Chyna may be gearing up to celebrate her 30th birthday but her mom Tokyo Toni isn’t really in the celebratory mood.

The 46-year-old former stripper, Tokyo Toni, went on Instagram to rant about her daughter, whom Toni thinks has lost her way.

Chyna’s mom went off on her only child, claiming that Chyna doesn’t let Toni see her grandkids Dream Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson.

I haven’t seen her in a year. I don’t know her from a can of paint. It’s sad I only see her on FT! She funny as hell too! She called me the other day by accident. All I saw was her fussing, lol.

“Running with a cell phone. Lol, she needs me, they all do. They need my real love, wisdom, and trust. Hollywood is tainted ok and it is her life now, just don’t forget about me. Ok!  nobody needs to be watching my grandkids. I need to be their nanny, as requested to no avail.

“You f–ked up now they see we are apart you big dumb b—h. “I’ve never disrespected you now I have no respect for you. I mean literally none. I’m disgusted with you as a mother

Gosh! She is getting huge now, keep in mind they are my grandkids. Ok? I have raised not only my kid but many others. I even helped take care of my mum when she was working. Nothing is like a mum.

“I would trade all my life in to start from 16 years old but I cant, I just have to keep pushing. I wish and pray one day I see his angels. Well, if they aren’t your kids, you have to wait.

“I don’t have money to go to California on my own to see them, I have extremely too many bills. don’t ask me why I still don’t know why,” Toni wrote.

These accusations are coming to light after Toni thanked Rob Kardashian on Instagram for letting her FaceTime with Dream.




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