Actress Kemi Lala Akindoju reveals how supportive her parents have been

Nigerian actress Kemi Lala Akindoju has taken to social media to reveal how supportive her parents have been of her.

The movie star disclosed how her father paid for two actors to take her acting courses and according to her, her parents have never stopped supporting her financial and emotionally even though they are retirees.

Kemi is filled with appreciation for her parents as she shared a series of posts on Twitter.

The actress started off by recounting how her father made payment for two actors to undertake a training course she was organising without her knowledge.

Kemi said her old man sent a message to her work mail because he knew she wouldn’t have let him paid for the spots.

Taking to her Twitter handle, she writes: “So my daddy sent a formal email to my work email informing me that he and his wife would like to sponsor two actors for my new course- #TheActorsBlueprintCourse. He knew I would say no if he told me directly. He has gone ahead to pay. I have been so overwhelmed with emotion.

My parents though both retired have remained committed to supporting EVERYTHING I do, no matter where they are or their state of health. This has extended to my husband too. I’m so grateful for them. My parents never miss a show, my dad will come to my rehearsals, with drinks.

My mum calls everyone on set. (sometimes I tell her not to bother sha). She would take my proposals and pitches everywhere, helping me raise money for productions. One time she gave me her ‘àjo’ money (monthly group savings) for a play after I couldn’t really get sponsors

Another time she called an actor who was stressing me and begged the actor to take it easy on me (they later became friends sha. When I started acting as a teenager, they defended me to their peers who insinuated that I would become promiscuous.

Kí Olúwa bá mi fún won ni èmí gígùn, kí won lè jeun omo daadaa. And when the time is right, I pray I am half the parents they are, In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

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  5. Isn’t she so lucky? Many Nigerian parents have this ‘entitlement’ mentality. They don’t even care about supporting you, they are just so bothered about how much you can give to them


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