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Charly Boy reveals emotional trauma plaguing Nigerian LGBTQ community

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Nigerian entertainer, Charly Boy, has stated that the LGBTQ community in Nigeria faces a lot of emotional trauma that can be solved by communication.

Charly Boy went on Instagram to point out that the major challenge that the ‘LGTBQ’ (correctly written as LGBTQ) community in Nigeria faces is communication with their parents.

The revelation came a day after Charly Boy and his lesbian daughter, Dewy Oputa made the news. Charly Boy had posted about his daughter’s sexuality on 20th November 2020 and mentioned how it had been difficult for him to accept in the beginning.

According to him, he had first learned of Dewy’s sexual orientation in 2016. He said that he had experienced a wide range of emotions. He felt he failed as a father and was even afraid for her because of the stigmatisation he expected. But, he mentioned that before his daughter’s news, he had been vocally supporting queer rights in Nigeria.

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Thus, he ended the post with the fact that he was grateful for having a lesbian child. After the post, Dewy had hinted that Charly Boy may not be as supportive as he appears in public. See her laid back comment below:

Charly Boy Dewy Oputa lesbian LGBTQ

After the incidence Charly Boy went further to claim that he setup a hotline for young people who faced communication problems with their parents. He recounts his experience in the Instagram post below:


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  1. Curtis says

    Is this clout chasing or genuine concern? You never know with celebrities.

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